Theresa Russo
Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie


Jerry Russo (husband)
Alex Russo (daughter)
Justin Russo (son)
Max Russo (son)
Megan Russo (sister-in-law)
Kelbo Russo (brother-in-law)
Ernesto (brother)




Owner of Waverly Sub Station

Portrayed by

Maria Canals-Barrera

Theresa is the non-wizard in the family. Her family owns a sub shop (sandwhich shop) called "Waverly Substation". She is played by Maria Canals Barrera. Theresa's character is very caring towards her children even though they disobey the rules with magic, mostly Alex and ocassionally Max but she loves them anyway. Her oldest son Justin obeys the rules and never breaks one. What a loving family.

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