Max Russo

Full Name

Maximillion Justin Russo


Male (Female in season 4)


Jerry Russo (father)
Theresa Russo (mother)
Justin Russo (older brother)
Alex Russo (older sister)
Kelbo Russo (paternal uncle)
Megan Russo (paternal aunt)


waiter at Waverly Sub Station
student at Tribeca Prep

Portrayed by

Jake T. Austin (regular)
Bailee Madison (in girl form)

Max Russo is another main character on Wizards of Waverly Place. He is Alex's and Justin's younger brother. He is considered be not very smart. Edit

In the episode called "Three Maxes and a Little Girl" (Season 4, Episode 5), Max was turned into a girl by Alex and Justin by a mutant spell. In an episode called "Back to Max" (Season 4, Episode 10) they then reversed the spell with a potion that Professor Crumbs unconsciously told them.