Kelbo Russo is Jerry Russo's and Megan Russo's younger brother. He is the family wizard and can be foolish with magic.


Kelbo Russo's siblings are Jerry Russo (Alex's, Justin's, and Max's dad) and Megan Brooke Russo. His parents are Duke Russo and Rose Russo. His nephews are Justin and Max Russo and his niece is Alex Russo.


Kelbo Russo is a lot like Max Russo just like Jerry Russo is a lot like Justin Russo and Megan Russo is a lot like Alex Russo. Kelbo Russo lost the Family Wizard Competition to his brother Jerry Russo. He later gained the family wizard status after his brother,Jerry, married mortal, Theresa Russo and gave up his powers. For this, his sister Megan Russo has held a grudge towards him and Jerry ever since.

Breaking Magical RulesEdit

Once Kelbo broke the magical rule: 'No wizard may use their magic for fame' by transforming himself into Shakira. Then the transformations got out of hand and he transformed into Shakira at unexpected times and then back to Kelbo at also times unknown. It's unknown what happend to Kelbo or Shakira after that happening and whether Kelbo got cured.


Kelbo has a fun loving personality. He is creative and crazy with magic and like his brother, Jerry, said to his sister, Megan, "Kelbo is nothing without magic." His nephews and niece love him and spending time with him. Once Alex decided that she didn't want her dad to be her magic teacher and she wanted Uncle Kelbo to teach her instead. Then Alex found out that Uncle Kelbo was way to careless with magic and only knew how to cast spell, not always to reverse them.