after losing the Wizard competition with her brothers, Kelbo and Jerry, she moved on with her life. However, when Jerry decided to marry a non-wizard women, he gave up his powers to his brother Kelbo, upsetting Megan to the fullest. After that incident, she never spoke to him again until the Russo's had to redue their wizard competition. Megan only agreed to return on terms that Jerry would get on his knees and apologize to her for not giving her his powers. Thanks to this lie, brought about by her niece Alex Russo, she returned, but it ended in termoil when she left yet again. Megan did not care if the whole Russo family lost their powers and refused to take the test. Due to this action, she was cut off from her family again, but this time, even the Russo kids refused to have anything to do with her. Does she care? Most likely not, and so she conitnues her life. (Wizards of Waverly Place, Season 2, Episode 30: Retest)


She is the sister of Jerry and Kelbo Russo(Shakira) and the aunt of the Russo Kids. She is also an artist in Paris and a McDonald's Drive-Thru girl.